Shine On You Crazy Diamond

The upper part of this painting is about the glamour and stardom that Syd Barrett achieved in the early years of his life. He shone and the world shone with him. In particular, it is a ‘Hope Diamond’ signifying the hope harboured by his band for the return of their genius friend.

The middle indicates the erratic state of his mind, his work and his demeanor. The central line is depicting the anatomy of the song ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’. At the same time it is also indicative of a lifeline; the death of his legendary career and death of the unity of Pink Floyd. The streaks of pink emerging from it indicate that Syd Barrett was the soul of Pink Floyd, the mastermind. The dark blue and purple streaks indicate the deteriorating state of mental health; the psychedelia that engulfed him.

The last part of this painting is monochrome. Just like his state of mind, his reclusion, the shaven head and eyebrows. It also represents Syd Barrett’s sudden visit to Abbey Road Studios on 5th of June 1975 during the recording of the song ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’. The white flare signifies the white shirt that he wore when he came to the studio that day.


A concept and a tribute
To the madcap genius that lived
And still resides in the hearts of many.

A heartwrenching tale
Of glamour to recluse
Betrayed by his own sanity.

A soulful mix of colours
For the soul of Pink Floyd
Syd Barrett.

‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’
Oil & Resin on Medium Density Fibre Wood
Dimensions 17″x 13″

This is an original artwork by
Javeria Nabahat Amin


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