Surah Al-Rehman in the Sunset’s Grid

78 beautiful verses of Allah inscribed on the trees that are barren and later begin sprouting new shoots. This signifies how the faith and trust in His word solves any problem, cures any disease, untangles all knots.
The beautiful colours of sunset depict how worries enter our lives with such subtlety and entrap us. However, trust on the one true Lord is hope for everyone. This hope is represented by the 24K pure gold grid. The use of 24K gold indicates the purity and richness of the hope given by Allah. The grid characterises the hope from Allah as not a random entity but very precise and accurate.
This art piece has multiple layers of hard work and technique; executed with love.

‘Surah Al-Rehman in the Sunset’s Grid’
24K Pure Gold details
Dimensions 30″ x 20″

This is an original artwork by
Javeria Nabahat Amin


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