The Iconic Split

They say the sea is full of life
That treasured day it came alive,

At first it posed a mammoth threat
A trial Moses and his people met,

An existential angst and fear combined
With a ruthless adversary close behind,

Certain death was plain in sight
Such was the agonizing plight,

His heart was filled with love and trust
The Lord blessed him with courage robust,

He raised his hands in ardour prayer
Reliance to which none compare,

The Lord to whom the seas submit
The times witnessed an iconic split,

Trust the Lord and you will be saved
Behold a miraculous path be paved,

They say the sea is full of life
Remember the day it came alive.

The Iconic Split

Oil on Canvas, Poetry & Augmented Reality
Dimensions 80 cm x 120 cm
Year 2023

From ‘The Red Sea Series’
Exhibited at Bodrum Art Fair ’23

Poetry & Artwork by
Javeria Nabahat Amin


The Red Sea
A Mangrove Affair