The Red Sea

On leaves that fall from the autumn trees
Like parchments scattered by the breeze,

On broken wooden planks of ruined homes
The fallen mosques and their decorated domes,

Write to me before the ink runs dry
The tales of tribulations, chaos and cry.

On fragments of clothing mercilessly torn
The muddy sock reminiscing the foot it borne,

On the stones that served as sole defence
To terrified souls with years of suffering hence,

Write to me before the ink runs dry
About the intellectual pretence and lie.

And when there is no place to write
Find gravestones of those who were high in might,

Write on the tombstones of tyranny reigns
In the end only the human remains,

Write to me before the ink runs dry
That valour and honesty together amplify.

Just when the hand succumbs to pain
Remember the scribbles never go in vain,

For the Lord sent light through the ink
A miraculous book that urges to think,

So write to me before the ink runs dry
Narratives of perseverance and faith thereby.

The Red Sea

Oil on Canvas, Poetry & Augmented Reality
Dimensions 100 cm x 120 cm
Year 2023

From ‘The Red Sea Series’
Exhibited at Bodrum Art Fair ’23

Poetry & Artwork by
Javeria Nabahat Amin


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