Exhibited at Lahore Museum in a site-specific group show ‘Future of the Museums vs Museums of the Future’ from 9th – 10th September 2023. In collaboration with Together4heritage UAE and International Council of Museums (ICOM).

Curated by Mariam Hanif Khan (Artsoch Contemporary Art Gallery)
Project lead and co-curator Sana Durrani

Work Statement


Kaaba – Where the soul equilibrates
Augmented Reality, Poetry, Oil Painting

Through the triad of visual art, poetry and augmented reality (AR) I have sought to create a time travel experience for the viewer. A cohesive merger of the past and present reflective of evolution of mankind, yet maintaining emphasis on the constancy of Tawaf and thereby worship. From the perspective of Makkah painted by Anna Molka Ahmed decades ago to the glistening metropolitan it has now become, I have added a flavour of ekphrastic art to the museum exhibit.