Prayers in Solitude

Exhibited at
M.A.D.S. Art Gallery in Milan, Italy
22nd January – 5th February 2021

Prayers In Solitude brings forth the colours of Kashmir, a region subdued by lingering fear. Nature hides underneath its colours the stories of martyrs and immense sacrifice. Caught between the crossfire of war and peace, Kashmir’s exuberance is dying out. The flame of the lost beauty must be rekindled; brought to life.

Curator’s Review

“Now nature, for us human beings, is deeper than on the surface, hence the need to introduce into our bright vibrations, represented by reds and yellows, a sufficient amount of bluish colors to make us feel the air.” (Paul Cézanne)

The artist Dr. Javeria Nabahat Amin exposes an absolutely marvelous work at the “Kromatic@rt” exhibition, wishing for a peace of mind. In “Prayers in Solitude”, she brings to light the colors of Kashmir, a region subjugated by various conflicts. Javeria wishes to bring back the beauty of nature here by depicting a pristine landscape bathed in tranquility. She emphasizes her experiences, insights and emotions through the medium of creativity. The enchantment of this nature evokes the memory and reworks the imagination of the artist: the eye of reason and the eye of the heart, the representation of each element and its interpretation are combined in this context. Exactly as in the Impressionist movement and artists such as Corot and Courbet, Javeria plays with the use of different tones and light, blending these aspects with pure naturalism. The realistic treatment of light, the solid plastic construction and the authenticity of the composition reflect the intention to represent the reality as it appears to the viewer. What attracts the viewer’s attention the most is the harmonious use of color and the respect for this immense nature. By trying to capture the first impression of a particular moment, while the water flows through the rocks, the artist creates a calibrated image of an immense panorama completely enveloped in silence and serenity. She also concentrates on creating a sense of depth and solidity through extremely delicate tonal variations, achieving a pictorial balance. Regardless of any element present, in this work the artist wanted to capture the connection between perception, representation and knowledge, spreading a feeling of well-being. By expressing what she feels, the artist gives voice to her feelings through a personal aesthetic that can be shared.

“I see everywhere in nature, for example in trees their capacity for expression and, so to speak, a soul.” (Vincent Van Gogh)

Art Curator Alessia Perone

Here is the first look at the artwork in the exhibition ⇓

(Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir)
Year of execution: 2020
Dimensions: 24 inches x 18 inches
Oil and 24K gold on canvas