Noor نور

Not knowing what lay ahead
Ordained by vile patriarchy to behead
Outplayed by the wretchedness of fate
Rest in peace; God’s justice will equate.

I chose White Lilies in this painting as it symbolises rejuvenation of the soul. Noor, QuratulAin, Saima and all other women who experienced untimely death, are in a much better place and Allah will compensate them for their suffering. White Lily is also associated with purity and youth, which I wanted to portray as traits of these women.
The blurred out green stems of the Lilies indicates those vile monsters who mercilessly cut off the flowers.
The hexagon symbolises the universe’s inherently symbolic order; the universal coherence. I chose this to symbolise how truth and justice will prevail as it is the natural order.
The gold represents richness and authenticity of Allah’s justice. It also symbolises heavenly abode.

May Allah bless all these souls with the highest ranks in Jannah. May He compensate them and their families for their suffering in the excellent manner. May He bring about justice and may He punish the offenders in both the worlds. Ameen!

Oil on Canvas
30cm x 20cm

This is an original artwork by
Javeria Nabahat Amin


Petra, Jordan